Age: 23 DoB: 8th, October
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Puck

This is an AU blog. LBR, season 5 made no sense and canon just bores the shit out of me.

Seriously though, she is positivly stupid for him and I love it. She is now his in main human and ghost verses.
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— Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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The rain was cold, but as his gaze bounced from face to face, one part happy laughter, other parts amusing befuddlement, it didn’t matter. He was focused on the realization that she was a kindred spirit in her own sense. She hadn’t shied away because she didn’t understand; rather, she took a fierce initiative, matching his pace and then some, with no pause of fear. He felt her heartbeat run through her in quick pulses, and he felt a coil of wild excitement unravel his resolve to stay somewhat collected.

"A diamond? Child’s play." He grinned, turning his head to leave a quick kiss on her cheek in return, letting his face rest against hers. "The two of them should test their skills in thievery, but for now, a much more special place." Puck bit his bottom lip with a smile as his fingers danced up the side of her neck to memorize it, across her jaw and cheek to rest over her eyes.

It was almost alarming, the vigor with which he felt her enthusiasm. She hadn’t been there, he suspected, but it was just like everything else he had observed in her: whimsical and passionate. Her flashes of information raced into his mind; knowledge about the city and how she had built it in her head with strips of random street from photographs, the tallest of towers and the people lining the sidewalks, even strong memories from dreams weaved their way in.

Puck took a sharp inhale, overtaken for a moment by the ferocity, and his exhale escaped as a laugh; his features had began to shift earlier than he had expected, as though reacting to her anticipation. It was a new experience entirely. How quaint.

"Your pulse runs fast." He whispered, sounds of the pub falling away at his back, slowly replaced by the bustle of a busy street, the chatter of locals, some speaking another language, some, in english. "And it creates a rhythm most profound."

He had placed her on the sidewalk he had so vividly seen, one arm around her waist. Puck’s gaze was fixated on her when he pulled his hand away, he wanted nothing more than to watch her expression change. Such a pleasure was rare in the mundane world of immortals, fae having seen all the world could offer. Even among man, many sleepwalk through the entirety of their life, never knowing how lovely it can be to experience something truly amazing.

Alex, however… the thrum of her heartbeat still thundered in his ears.


Alex smirked at his comment. For him it was likely child’s play. The girl leaned in to his lingering touch, her eyes fluttering closed before he’d placed his hand over her eyes once again. Her smirked turned to a soft smile, small bumps raising over her skin in turn with his touch.

Once he’d removed his hand from her eyes her excitement grew. She spun around attempting to take everything in before turning back to Puck, a wide grin across her face. Alex, without much thought, threw her arms around his neck and pressed a deep kiss on his lips, pulling back only to hold him in a tight embrace. A wish made in death, yet there was little need for proper courting Puck had already captured her heart and given her the magic she believed anyone’s life should hold.

Alex couldn’t remember a time that she was happier and more full than she was standing on this busy street in his arms. “You are amazing.” She whispered softly and pulled away to look at him, her hand gently cupped his cheek. “We should start with the tower, yeah?”

She slid her fingers between his walking slowly down the street and watching all the people despite the late hour. The brunette looked up at him in curiosity. “You do this quite a lot? How many people actually appreciate it? Or even care what you want for that matter?” She leaned in on him.

It would be a easy thing to get lost in. To forget or simply accept that this is what he is, but he mattered to Alex and thus his wishes also mattered.

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It’s true then? You and Alex? It doesn’t matter what we feel. The situation…


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ParisJe t’aime

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4x08 vs. 5x03

Hal has stopped being annoyed with where Alex puts her feet and now just cleans under them.

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